Principal Message



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 प्राचार्यI की कलम से.



In this changing scenario, KVs are one of the few institutions that provide equal opportunities without anykind of discrimination and which act as sanctuaries to preserve our culture,traditions and values. In our school, we help our students enjoy a sense ofbelongingness which is the base of all human values. All activities, be it inclassrooms, fields, labs, auditorium, excursions, interschool competitions areguided by this one objective which turns learning a pleasant experience andprevents our students from the virus called insensitivity


Our efforts are also towards instilling a high degree of confidence,self-discipline, tolerance and perseverance and self-motivation that helps the tough get going when the going gets tough. We hope the values imparted inour school take our students to great heights and they remember their almamater with love and fondness.